Our Aim

We are naturally passionate about the field of Gymnastics. We want your children to enjoy Gymnastics, no matter what their ability is.

We want your child to feel happy, healthier, growing in confidence and developing their Gymnastic skills at a pace in which they are comfortable in.

We want to inspire and nurture our young gymnasts into becoming competent well-balanced Sports people of the future.

Our Classes

In the gym we provide a safe, structured learning environment whereby all children are welcomed, taught and treated fairly.

We reward good behaviour, team work, manners, personal achievements with stickers as the children are progressing towards the BAGA awards.

At Energize Gymnastics, we know the importance of providing good quality, professional equipment for your children to learn and develop their skills. Therefore, we have got floor mats, a trampette, springboards, vaulting table, beams, bars, crash mats and other smaller fitness pieces.

As the club grows, we will invest profits back into the club and plan on purchasing further pieces of Gymnastic equipment.


Jack is Director of the club. He has been a local competitive sportsman since the age of 8. He has won medals/trophies for gymnastics, swimming, diving, trampolining, rowing and athletics.

Jack has been successfully coaching the sport to children of all ages since he was 15 years old.


Jackie is our respected Head Coach, a seasoned mentor with 27 years of coaching experience. Specializing in gymnastics, she has imparted her expertise from recreational to national competition levels. Holding Level 3 gymnastics coaching certification, Jackie is one of the driving forces behind our members’ growth and success.

Coaching Team

We have a friendly, committed and professional coaching team. Our team consists of great expertise, impressive sporting achievements and most importantly big smiles! If you would like to apply to join our team please see our Apply for role page.


We are also lucky enough to have our club ambassador Elliott Cooper. Elliott has represented Great Britain on multiple occasions. He believes in our Ethos and is keen to assist in the development of all our young budding Gymnasts. 

Elliott will be dropping in to coach and inspire from time to time when his busy schedule will allow it.


The Club’s Administrator is Cache he is the one behind the scenes, seamlessly orchestrating administrative tasks and supporting various facets of the business to assist the club’s expansion. Cache plays a vital supportive role in enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the smooth growth of the club.



The Welfare officer is Sharon who has worked in schools and has vast amounts of experience and qualifications in child welfare and safeguarding.

Sharon will be the point of contact for any parent/guardian welfare concerns, to contact her please ask one of the team to show you where you can find her details.